Funny print campaign for Art Director’s Club

16 10 2010

I thought this was pretty funny and simple. But it seems like a lot of the times people make campaigns about advertisers cocaine lines ¬†shows up somewhere. This stereotype won’t die. These were done by DDB in Hungary.


iPhone Print ad for Axa Insurance

4 10 2010

Duvall Guillaume in Belgium managed to release a pretty cool and innovative ad for a car insurance company. You take your iPhone and place it on the page and watch the ad come to life in your screen. Pretty nice. Seems like a new step forward and more interesting than the interactive stuff done so far using the iPhone as far as advertising is concerned. I wonder if this technique is going to be used more and more now. I guess we’ll see.

Aung San Suu Kyi ad for Amnesty International

4 10 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi is a political prisoner in the country of Burma, her crime was to be elected by her own people, the government felt like she was to influential among the Burmese people and decided to put her under arrest for that for the past 15 years. Amnesty International of course has been fighting for her for all those years and have released a new ad about her and I really like it. Very clever and simple. The ad was done by Leo Burnett in Poland.

New print ads for FCUK

4 10 2010

The man and the woman campaign from FCUK is one of my favorite campaigns running out there. The approach is really cool and well done. Fallon UK just released new print ads and just as the commercials they have great copy. It must be a treat to work at a campaign like this.

New Norton Anti Virus TV Ads

28 09 2010

These Norton Anti Virus tv ads are hilarious. I really like the concept of using the evil german from pop culture as virus and I love the lock up line. The voice over and the copy are also pretty spot on. Cool stuff. I’m posting three but there are more out there for you. It would be interesting to see them continuing this series using perhaps other nationalities. These tv spots come from Leo Burnett.

My Hipstamtic Prints (and I don’t care if it’s “cheating”)!

28 09 2010

So this summer I got the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone and went around Chicago using it. I fucking love it. Honest, it’s a great app. In case you don’t know it’s a photo camera app that gives a vintage look to your pictures, providing you with a vast amount of different films, lenses and flashes. Now, some may say it’s cheating. But those might be photography purists and I’m not interested in purism, nor am I trying to be a “real” photographer or else I would get me a real camera. What the Hipstamatic prints provide is instant inspiration if you deal with visual stuff. It’s really interesting to get a cool picture based on your choice of film, lens (and flash if you want) and then wait to see what you get. I’ll definitely be using it in NY. I’m posting here some that I liked the most.

Funny print ads for Benylin

28 09 2010

I thouth these were pretty funny and I like dthe art direction. It instantly reminded me of the Dick Tracey comic books that I guess I must have read and can’t quite remember doing so. Anyway, it’s simple and charming. And it’s another one coming from South Africa, a lot of good ones coming from there lately. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to go and work there.I’m taking any offer comes my way! These were done by Volcano.