Busy Times

24 11 2010

This portfolio quarter has kept me pretty busy with an overload of work; which is good. I will soon post some of the stuff  I’ve done this quarter at Miami Ad School in Brooklyn. I will post my resume as well, cause I have been working on it too and I’m proud of it. More posts to come to my insanely huge fan base that reads this blog daily. I know you’re out there. No need to post comments! New projects are on the way as well, I might talk about that. Meanwhile here’s my portfolio if you’d like to check it out (wink wink): http://pietrobasso.com/


My Hipstamtic Prints (and I don’t care if it’s “cheating”)!

28 09 2010

So this summer I got the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone and went around Chicago using it. I fucking love it. Honest, it’s a great app. In case you don’t know it’s a photo camera app that gives a vintage look to your pictures, providing you with a vast amount of different films, lenses and flashes. Now, some may say it’s cheating. But those might be photography purists and I’m not interested in purism, nor am I trying to be a “real” photographer or else I would get me a real camera. What the Hipstamatic prints provide is instant inspiration if you deal with visual stuff. It’s really interesting to get a cool picture based on your choice of film, lens (and flash if you want) and then wait to see what you get. I’ll definitely be using it in NY. I’m posting here some that I liked the most.

KFC Double Down

13 08 2010

So in case you don’t know the double down is KFC’s latest sandwich, it’s made of two chickens, cheese and bacon. No buns. Yes, God bless America. Anyway, we created a few print ads for them in last quarter’s class at Y&R and it was one of our best stuff. I think it has a great sense of humor and a lot of balls. You will see some graphic images so if you have heart problems be aware.

I did this with with my partner Mauricio Mutis. Here’s my portfolio and here’s his.

Telescope ambient for Nescafé

10 08 2010

Here’s another piece I did at my Y&R class last quarter. It’s an ambient for Nescafé, telescopes placed around the city with sleepy eyes will encourage people to drink Nescafé coffee, don’t fall asleep and don’t miss out.

I did this with with my partner Mauricio Mutis. Here’s my portfolio and here’s his.

Print ads for the Teletransporter

10 08 2010

This is something I did on my 4th quarter at MAS and I liked it but I never developed any further as I wanted. The idea was to create ads for an existent piece of advertising. I chose an ambient made for Andes Beer created by Saatchi Argentina and I made three print ads of my own based on what they came up with. The ambient piece is pretty cool and I chose it solely becase that’s all that it was, so I did three print ads and an app for it. You gotta watch the video first to get the idea and then check out my ads for it. I really like my art direction here and the copy is mine as well.

Facebook app for Opti-Free

10 08 2010

Here’s another work I’ve done last quarter for my class at Y&R, it’s a FB app that removes red eyes from your pictures. You just have to take the Opti-Free bottle from the ads on the side, drag it to the red eyes and click to remove. As simple as it gets, it got a good feedback and it’s weird that FB still doesn’t have something like that.

I did this with with my partner Mauricio Mutis. Here’s my portfolio and here’s his.

App for Axe

10 08 2010

So this is an app we created for AXE in one of our classes last quarter in NYC at Y&R. The idea is that you can use this app to hide all of your sexting, dirty pictures and contacts you don’t want your girlfriend, mom or teacher to find out about. When you are safe from danger you just enter a password and your contacts are all back for you. At first we had a different client  but we changed it for Axe because it seemed to be more for their target audience.

I did this with with my partner in crime Mauricio Mutis. Here’s my portfolio and here’s his.