No One’s Gonna Love You – Cee Lo Green

2 09 2010

I know Fuck You is Cee Lo’s main track right now that everybody is listening but I can’t stop listening to this Band of Horses cover he released as well. The video has a hipster girl half naked, so I was sold on that, but the track is also really cool. Have a listen and check out the video:


Muse playing Where The Streets Have No Name at Glastonburry 2010

27 06 2010

U2 was set to appear at this year’s Glastonburry for its 30th anniversary but unfortunately Bono had a problem with his back while preparing to get back on tour. A bunch of concerts were canceled as well as their appearance at Glatonsburry. U2 doesn’t play festivals so this was to be a special occasion for everybody. However The Edge did made it to the festival and played perhaps U2’s most famous song with power-trio Muse. I’m pretty impressed, everything went really fucking well and their performance was quite amazing. And here it is now for your viewing pleasure:

The Ting Tings in NYC!

18 05 2010

So I got to watch The Ting Tings for free this weekend thanks to this production company called Kin and it was fucking awesome. This guys at Kin were puting a bunch of free concerts together through the USA and the world. It was pretty much my first real show here in NY and the band was great, I don’t think they played for more than an hour but they put a lot of energy into it and had a great set of songs. At the end we got t shirts and a vinyl signed by both of them. The day before it was the Passion Pit and in some other location the Black Keys were playing. You gotta love being in New York City. No place like it. I’m posting a video made by Kin for this mini concert I was at and also one of them playing Great DJ in some festival. Good times.

John Cale – Perfect

5 04 2010

I know he is Welsh but I always associate him to New York because of The Velvet Underground. This song is off his 2005 album Black Acetate, it’s a great album and surprisingly hard, almost grungy. Sme great grooves and guitar playing. This is one is not so hard and it’s one of the best songs in the album. I love this chorus and the lyrics. The video is cool too.

The Boss and Billy Joel – New York State Of Mind

13 02 2010

This is Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band with Billy Joel singing Joel’s classic hymn to NY. The song is great and this performance is just awesome. It’s from the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame concert from last December and it’s on DVD already. I’ll get it for sure cause the performances and the other set of songs from all artists are great based on what I’ve seen so far. I’ll soon be in NY so I’m getting pumped with this song. Enjoy!

A Merry Christmas to you all!

25 12 2009

Paul McCartney – A Day In The Life / Give Peace A Chance

1 12 2009

This is from the live broadcast from the Quebec show Macca did there in 08. This song in particular is special because John Lennon sang the original and also because he ends it with a snippet of Give Peace A Chance. Paul McCartney aonly sings the songs he used to sing in The Beatles even though he participated as a bass player or playing piano on the others as well. In his last tour he had a spot for both George Harrison and John Lennon songs. For George he did Something with an ukulele and for John he did this one and I think it came out really nice. It would be cool if he did others as well on that same spot, just change the songs a bit. Anyway I thought it was cool of him.