My Hipstamtic Prints (and I don’t care if it’s “cheating”)!

28 09 2010

So this summer I got the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone and went around Chicago using it. I fucking love it. Honest, it’s a great app. In case you don’t know it’s a photo camera app that gives a vintage look to your pictures, providing you with a vast amount of different films, lenses and flashes. Now, some may say it’s cheating. But those might be photography purists and I’m not interested in purism, nor am I trying to be a “real” photographer or else I would get me a real camera. What the Hipstamatic prints provide is instant inspiration if you deal with visual stuff. It’s really interesting to get a cool picture based on your choice of film, lens (and flash if you want) and then wait to see what you get. I’ll definitely be using it in NY. I’m posting here some that I liked the most.


Awesome card for TAM Cargo

15 06 2010

This is more of a design product than advertising even though it was developed by an Y&R in Brazil. They made the company’s business card be able to be folded and turned into a little shipping box. Tam is a Brazilian Airline and TAM Cargo is their shipping division. Simple but cool. I don’t know how many people would actually do it but it’s still clever.


24 01 2010

Because of both the holidays and all the work that I’m having from school (plus all the Quarter Away talk) I haven’t had time or energy to update the blog, and I know all my millions of fans spread out through the country (oh, let’s be honest, throughout the entire world) miss it desperately and  I apologize for that. But I will be updating it now with more advertising, movie reviews, music, personal anecdotes you don’t really care about  AND new links for the very few, I mean millions, that care.

I also have another blog coming where I will post all of my fake stuff. Fake stuff? That’s right, fake stuff. What stuff is that? Well it’s a bunch of stuff that I do for no greater reason but to please myself and get better at what I do. It’s coming soon, you will see. Thank you and stay tuned!

Awesome Empire Magazine Photoshoot

5 12 2009

Empire Magazine is celebrating their 20 years so they called a shitload of famous actors to reenact one of their most famous parts for a photoshoot, however they play those roles as partly themselves, wearing their “regular” clothes and just one element from their character from the movie. If you are a movie fan you’re gonna love this. I really did. My favorites I think are Mel Gibson for Braveheart; Sam Neil for Jurassic Park and Anthony Hopkins and Jodi Foster for Silence Of The Lambs. Really cool stuff, here it is:

Bono, Jagger and Springsteen on the cover of the new Rolling Stone

12 11 2009

The 25th anniversary concert for the Rock N’Roll hall Of Fame seems to have been a huge success. U2 had a great set with Mick Jagger joining them to sing the Stones’ Gimme Shelter (with Fergie doing the female vocals) and he stayed for U2’s Stuck in A Moment as well. Springsteen did I Still Haven’t Found and then Patti Smith joined them for Because The Night. Metallica had Lou Reed, Ray Davies and of course Ozzy Osbourne. Bruce Springsteen had a bunch of friends there as well. The jams they have are usually a mess but this time it seems like it worked pretty well. The new Rolling Stone magazine has more details on it. I’m posting an awesome video of U2 playing Gimme Shelter with Jagger and Fergie. Pretty damn good.

Movie Poster for Se7en

3 11 2009

These are different versions of a poster I did for the movie Se7en for my Visual Impact class. The idea is the same in all of them, the changes are on the side of the box with the names and the pictures of the actors as well as the background color. The idea for this poster is one that I think only the people who watched the movie would be able to appreciate, which might be the poster’s flaw. Overall I like it a lot. I did it in black as well because the movie is quite dark itself so I thought it would reflect the actual movie a little more. My favorite one however is the ones with white background. The only critique I got is that the overall vibe of the poster is that it’s too clean, but I like it that way. It makes it more striking in my opinion. This Visual Impact class is one that I’m enjoying quite a bit.

Goldfinger Book Covers

2 11 2009

These are some book covers that I did for the Visual Impact class for Ian Fleming’s classic, Godfinger. The idea was to use three different approaches for the same title, the ones I chose were: All Type, Close Up Photography and Illustration. I’m happy with the result and I’m thinking of adding them to my portfolio in the future. My favorite is the first one.