7 08 2010

So a couple of days ago I got my mind blown by Inception. I was a little skeptical about it at first cause there was so much hype about it and I was expecting it to not have a real story but contrary to my feelings the movie does have a story, and a very human one that really makes you care about the characters. The movie is filled with square jawed, straight haired, serious looking, attractive young men and women who know exactly what they are doing. There’s also an Indian guy, he drives a van. The story is about a guy who found a way  to get into people’s mind through their dreams and steal their ideas, in that journey him and his crew encounter a bunch of LSD like, mind bending situations that makes this one of the most exciting movies I’ve seen. It’s insanely well executed and even though it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on (specially at the end) you can’t help to like and feel enthralled by DiCaprio’s character and his reason to get inside peoples dreams. He’s trying to make his way back home, to his kids. Im’n not gonna try to explain the premise much to not spoil anything but the idea of being unaware between what’s real and what’s not after you go through this too many times is brought into the story and I found it to be one of the most interesting things about it.

Christopher Nolan really kicks ass in the movie and ends up being as interesting to the viewers as the performances and the visuals I think, he made the leap that directors like Scorsese, Kubrick and  Spielberg have done as well in their careers. In this movie he uses some little tricks that makes the dream world seem very… real. Like repeating the same situations, and just throwing the viewrs into places with no real explanation to what’s going on or what happened, as well as what brought you there, all of that really makes you feel like you are stuck in someone’s head.  The cool thing about is that he makes with a point, it’s not just tricks to get you into the mood of the movie. One of the attractive things about this movie is that the idea of exploring the dream world and particularly people’s subconscious is by itself a really interesting thing that everyone at some point kind of wonders about. To be stuck in a dream is very similar to be a drug addict and want to trip all the time so you can be stuck in that unreal world shaped by everything that is lodged inside your subconscious.

The performances here are pretty damn good. I think DiCaprio is a fine actor and that’s about it, he can play one type of character really well, and he has overplayed it through the years by now. The character I’m talking about is the classic dramatic hero who’s in emotional hell all the time and is going through life altering situations every minute, and who has very little time to deal with it but he has to. He really can pull it off and I think in Inception he does the most successful version of this character. The fact that he pulled it off really well here (and on two other “recent” movies, Shutter Island and Blood Diamond) hopefully means that now he is ready to explore other facets of his abilities as an actor. All the other actors seem to be aware of how special this movie is and do great work too. There’s the classic “we are a team” buddy vibe that is so old compared to the fresh approach to storytelling that could have damaged the movie’s credibility but it didn’t really. Also it must be noted that Hans Zimmer wrote one hell of a score for this movie, it’s very old school, Hitchcockesque and very noir, the same style that the movie explores so damn well in its visuals.

I would say this is one of the freshest, most important movies of the 2000’s so far. It’s bold, original, looks out of its time and most importantly it’s not full of bullshit. Christopher Nolan is becoming the best director around and I wouldn’t mind if he ever explored the world of Inception again, it only took him 10 years to come up with this one so I don’t know how long it would take him for a second one but I sure would love to see that happen cause this is one of those subjects that could actually make more than one interesting movie.




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