JFK and QR codes

30 08 2010

I personally don’t like speech bubbles or QR codes but this seems to work just fine. The juxtaposition of the old and new works really well here. Also JFK, it seems to me, was a really forward thinking kind of guy who invested on the future and QR codes is still new technology. A good fit here. Done by the Martin Agency.


Funny anti-road rage ads

30 08 2010

What I liked about this is that they seem to be copying the Harvey Nichols style of advertising to make their point stronger by displaying what would be fashionable to wear in prison in case you are careless on the road. This aimed towards kids in collage. Seems like an idea parents over 50 years old would come up with but using the Harvey Nichols reference made it more funny and interesting. This was done by JWT in India.

Cool ads for Clamper

30 08 2010

The art direction here is really awesome. It says on IBIA that Clamper is a technology company producing equipment to protect devices against voltage surges. The products connect the consumer’s appliances – TV, DVD, stereos, and computers – to a plug preventing the damage that might otherwise be caused when lightning strikes. The idea is simple but clear , and it was made even better by the way it looks. Too bad there isn’t a third one or some other media advertising. It could be fun to work on those. This was done by Filadelfia, from Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

Cool art direction for England’s Mother’s Pride

20 08 2010

I’m not very familiar with Mother’s Pride but it seems to be a school for children in Delhi, India. The idea is pretty basic but the art direction is what makes this stand out from the rest. I particularly like the one for computers and positive parenting. All really well done. These were all done by India’s Out of The Box.

Ads for the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

19 08 2010

This is an easy but well executed idea for the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra who are doing 16 concertos for moms. As easy as the idea might be they have a nice endearing quality to them. And I appreciate the cleanness and the photography.

The Next Three Days Trailer

18 08 2010

This seems like it’s going to be a really exciting movie. It looks to be a cross between Dead Calm, in a more urban setting, and The Fugitive. This trailer is really well made by the way, it gives you enough of the plot and it is suspenseful like the movie probably is but it doesn’t seem to give the ending or key moments away (see every trailer for comedies).

KFC Double Down

13 08 2010

So in case you don’t know the double down is KFC’s latest sandwich, it’s made of two chickens, cheese and bacon. No buns. Yes, God bless America. Anyway, we created a few print ads for them in last quarter’s class at Y&R and it was one of our best stuff. I think it has a great sense of humor and a lot of balls. You will see some graphic images so if you have heart problems be aware.

I did this with with my partner Mauricio Mutis. Here’s my portfolio and here’s his.