Chicago and DraftFCB

10 07 2010

So far I have enjoyed both the city and DraftFCB. The impressions that Chicago is a cleaner and nicer version of New York are not wrong, the architecture here is pretty awesome and you find a lot of cool places and people around the city. Wicker Park has been my favorite so far. We found a cool place to live pretty fast as well. Chicago is not going to be a bad place to stay for three months.

The agency is cool too, we got a nice little room with our own computers and a crazy amount of office supplies. The account I’m working on is Motorola, I hope I get to do some cool stuff with that. I’m posting this so late cause we still don’t have internet at our place, but that’s gonna change soon. I hope.

On the fourth of July we went to The Taste of Chicago and got to watch Passion Pit. Aside the 90 degree heat and the burned arms it was pretty cool. I couldn’t find a decent video from that day  so here’s a nice video for a song that got a great reception at the show, Passion Pit’s Little Secrets:




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