Chicago and DraftFCB

10 07 2010

So far I have enjoyed both the city and DraftFCB. The impressions that Chicago is a cleaner and nicer version of New York are not wrong, the architecture here is pretty awesome and you find a lot of cool places and people around the city. Wicker Park has been my favorite so far. We found a cool place to live pretty fast as well. Chicago is not going to be a bad place to stay for three months.

The agency is cool too, we got a nice little room with our own computers and a crazy amount of office supplies. The account I’m working on is Motorola, I hope I get to do some cool stuff with that. I’m posting this so late cause we still don’t have internet at our place, but that’s gonna change soon. I hope.

On the fourth of July we went to The Taste of Chicago and got to watch Passion Pit. Aside the 90 degree heat and the burned arms it was pretty cool. I couldn’t find a decent video from that day  so here’s a nice video for a song that got a great reception at the show, Passion Pit’s Little Secrets:


Really cool one off for German stock photo company

10 07 2010

There’s not much to say about this one except this picture is pretty fucking cool. A view from the top of an iconic album cover, The Beatles’ Abbey Road. It leaves you wondering if this is a real image, all computer generated or if they are super realistic mannequins. Whatever it is it’s awesome. And I definitely wish there was more. Cannes Winner, this was done by BBDO in Germany.

Charming ads for vintage clothes

10 07 2010

These ads were made for a thrift store I believe, in the UK. Pretty simple but done in a very charming way. I wish there was more though. Cannes Winner, made by Y&R in the UK.

Awesome ads for Chocolate with Whiskey

10 07 2010

This one is also a Cannes Winner and it was made by Dentsu in Brazil. I thought this was pretty clever and cool, the pictures are pretty funny and the art direction is cool.

Cool ads for WWF

10 07 2010

Col idea of putting graffiti on the animals that might become extinct. It gets the message across at first sight I think. This is a Cannes Winner, made by Ogilvy South Africa.


Great times in NYC

1 07 2010

So my time in New York has ended and I had a lot of fun. I couldn’t stress that enough actually. Being in NYC gave me an extra amount of energy and excitement. I find that I am really influenced by the environment I’m in, I wish I had control over that but I have none. I need to be inspired, every now and then I need a muse and there’s none greater than New York City. The cool thing about it is that inspiration here comes at every corner. The amount of crazy stuff I’ve seen here in this last week alone is insane, just the other day I saw a midget pissing on the street under full 5PM daylight at 6th av. Later in the weak I saw a woman at Washington Square Park walking, not a dog, but a pig. Right now pianos have appeared in places like Lower East Side and Bedford for people to play, and so they do. That’s pretty awesome I think. Places like Lower East Side, Washington Square Park, Bedford Av, SoHo and many others were part of quite a lot of my days. I hope all of that spilled into my work and made it a little better (except for that midget’s urine).

I feel like my work at the school in Brooklyn was really great and I have improved a lot. My focus wasn’t so much on art direction this time around, it was all about concepting and that’s absolutely fine with me. Those skills were sharpened thanks to some really great teachers. Luckily we also got to execute our best ideas and I got work for the portfolio. Hopefully it will continue like this in Chicago and I’ll have a great bulk of work by the end of this second year at MAS. In Chicago I will be attending the greenhouse at Draft FCB and I’ll have two classes at Y&R. I’m excited about it and hopefully I will get good work as well as some good parties too.

My intention is to come back to NYC on the last quarter and end it all here. If that doesn’t happen then at some point I’ll be back and reclaim this city once again for even greater times to come.