Muse playing Where The Streets Have No Name at Glastonburry 2010

27 06 2010

U2 was set to appear at this year’s Glastonburry for its 30th anniversary but unfortunately Bono had a problem with his back while preparing to get back on tour. A bunch of concerts were canceled as well as their appearance at Glatonsburry. U2 doesn’t play festivals so this was to be a special occasion for everybody. However The Edge did made it to the festival and played perhaps U2’s most famous song with power-trio Muse. I’m pretty impressed, everything went really fucking well and their performance was quite amazing. And here it is now for your viewing pleasure:


Amnesty international Russian Doll

15 06 2010

Here’s another great Amnesty International ad. France is celebrating Russia this year and as is customary AI released this to attract attention to the aspects no one will be remembering during the party. AI might the biggest party pooper in the world but their causes against human rights are always justifiable. Also the Russian doll might be one of the oldest and most used tricks in the ad world but it’s still very powerful and I guess any old idea done well can still be great. I would love to work for Amnesty International one day. Both the print and the commercial are cool. This was done by France’s La Chose.

Awesome card for TAM Cargo

15 06 2010

This is more of a design product than advertising even though it was developed by an Y&R in Brazil. They made the company’s business card be able to be folded and turned into a little shipping box. Tam is a Brazilian Airline and TAM Cargo is their shipping division. Simple but cool. I don’t know how many people would actually do it but it’s still clever.

Cool campaign for X-Box’s Alan Wake

15 06 2010

So apparently Alan Wake is a “psychological thriller action-adventure video game” for X-Box, as it says on Wikipedia. To promote it the campaign uses the tagline / concept called Dark Is Deadly. It’s far from original but it’s all well done. I like the print ads but I prefer the outdoor stuff a little better.The sun dial one is particularly cool and the flashlight is nice as well. This was done by McCan Erickson in Canada.