Cool idea to sell 3D

23 05 2010

I’m currently working on a brief about 3D TVs in school so when I saw this ads I felt like they had found a great way to try and show people that 3D is the new technology that is going to change it all and make the rest seem old soon. Even though I don’t believe it will cause I personally don’t care for 3D. Anyway comparing movies without 3D wit the pixelated graphics from the old Nintendo/Atari games works pretty good I think. They come from Voskhod in Russia.


Nike Write The Future commercial

21 05 2010

And the crazy over the top Nike commercials just keep on coming. The new one is here and it’s about writing the future. One of the best things about this Nike commercials is seeing the players being good sports (bad pun) and playing nice (I can’t stop!) for the cameras. It’s what makes them special I think. The huge budget spending to do something like this is pretty awesome too of course. However as insanely cool as this one is I really don’t think it tops the previous POV Nike commercial, where you could see the whole action throughout the eyes of the player. That one was just insane and awesome, this one is great but not as innovative in that same way. Still awesome and it seems Widen and Kennedy can’t get it wrong now after the Dodge and the Old Spice commercials. This one was also done by them.

Awesome art direction

21 05 2010

The art direction is really what makes this ads strong. I like the idea but if it wasn’t this well made it would be just ok. It could work as illustrations too I think. Whatever happened to great copy by the way? I only see crazy ads with insane visuals and no copy, only ┬áreally easy lines… weird. Anyway this batch was made ┬áby TBWA in Turkey.

Charming LG ads

21 05 2010

I thought this ads for LG were charming as silly and easy as they seem. The Michael Jackson one doesn’t look like him at all though. They were done by Y&R in Brazil.

New Amnesty International ads

21 05 2010

For some reason the ads for Amnesty International are consistently good. They are always shocking and interesting and usually really well executed. I guess doing something that can actually influence people in doing something good works as an incentive for advertisers to come up with good ads. Even though this one is not as bright as some others it’s still great, as literal as it is it still feels real and true. Probably because it is. They were done by BBDO in New Zealand.

The Ting Tings in NYC!

18 05 2010

So I got to watch The Ting Tings for free this weekend thanks to this production company called Kin and it was fucking awesome. This guys at Kin were puting a bunch of free concerts together through the USA and the world. It was pretty much my first real show here in NY and the band was great, I don’t think they played for more than an hour but they put a lot of energy into it and had a great set of songs. At the end we got t shirts and a vinyl signed by both of them. The day before it was the Passion Pit and in some other location the Black Keys were playing. You gotta love being in New York City. No place like it. I’m posting a video made by Kin for this mini concert I was at and also one of them playing Great DJ in some festival. Good times.

Awesome art direction for a Gym

18 05 2010

This ads are for a gym in Brazil called Companhia Athletica. The idea is pretty simple and not so original but the art direction is what makes it stand out. Really well done and detailed work. The copy is also cool, “change your routine to ours.” The agency is DDB.