Tiger Woods Nike commercial

11 04 2010

So this is the ad with Tiger Woods’ dad’s voice over that Nike just released. In one way they win for being ballsy and not just wait for this to be “over”. The narration and the “speech” are both pretty good and touching. 30 seconds makes it short and sweet but at the same time leaves it a little superficial in my opinion, a minute long version could be deeper and more effective but maybe too long, specially after all of this media craze. On the other side of this ad it seems like Tiger Woods’s dad cheated on his wife as well, so is he the proper voice of conscience? No matter what happened your father’s opinion and thinking will always have a huge in impact on you so I guess that’s what they were thinking. Anyway, image repair is always fun to watch and I think this is a positive step even if it’s a little cheesy.




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