Funny ads for The National Museum Of Comics in Italy

24 04 2010

The fact that there is a National Museum of Comics in Italy is funny by itself. And I found this ads to be pretty cool and funny. I rarely see good advertising coming from Italy, at least from the websites and blogs I go to. This ones come from JWT in Italy and they are great.


Funny ads for condoms

24 04 2010

Ads for condoms are usually humorous and a lot of times it’s a repeated idea and it ends up not being funny anymore, this one is not the most creative but the small twist they gave makes it pretty funny. It’s from Y&R in Buenos Aires.

Awesome ads for Billboard

13 04 2010

I loved this new ads for Billboard using three famous pop icons of music from today, they’re not everybody’s icons though but they do represent the different music groups. Anyway, on the close ups you can see their influences and it goes really well with their tagline. Great art direction.This was done by BBDO in Brazil.

Tiger Woods Nike commercial

11 04 2010

So this is the ad with Tiger Woods’ dad’s voice over that Nike just released. In one way they win for being ballsy and not just wait for this to be “over”. The narration and the “speech” are both pretty good and touching. 30 seconds makes it short and sweet but at the same time leaves it a little superficial in my opinion, a minute long version could be deeper and more effective but maybe too long, specially after all of this media craze. On the other side of this ad it seems like Tiger Woods’s dad cheated on his wife as well, so is he the proper voice of conscience? No matter what happened your father’s opinion and thinking will always have a huge in impact on you so I guess that’s what they were thinking. Anyway, image repair is always fun to watch and I think this is a positive step even if it’s a little cheesy.

White Angel Foundation ads

10 04 2010

There’s nothing too original about this idea but it’s still somewhat touching. The production and the art direction are good too. It comes from Egypt’s TBWA.

Cool attitude for clothing company

10 04 2010

Winter sucks, at least that’s what I think, and the clothing line Uniform from Uruguay shares my feelings on this awful time of the year. I like the attitude of this ads, I don’t know if they used the word “fucking” on the ads over there as well but it sounds cool. The agency is Pluton.

Cool ads for Lika Bubblegum

10 04 2010

Cool photography and art direction for this ads for Lika bubblegum. What I lke the most is that the idea is a little crazy, and what I mean with that is that it’s not the classic bubblegum ad with people smiling and making… well, bubbles. That by itself makes it more interesting. This ads come from Egypt’s Elephant.