The death of the yellow pages… in Sweden

17 03 2010

This is an ad for what I believe is a website in Sweden that replaces the good old yellow pages. It’s pretty awesome, at first when I saw it as a thumbnail I didn’t see the yellow pages and later when I did see the I couldn’t see the coffin for a few seconds. Anyway this is simple and great. The agency is Massreation from Stockholm.


Awesome ad for The Times of India

17 03 2010

Great ad using the newspapers from The Times Of India forming a fingerprint, it follows their tagline “the identity of young Chennai”. Cool idea and awesome execution. It comes from Chennai’s own JWT in India.

Ads for London’s East Coast train company

17 03 2010

This ads are for a train company in London called East Coast, their line is “miniature prices” which sounds good by itself. Using the miniatures becomes an obvious but good choice for the ads. It’s charming and has a fun vibe to it. It comes from UK’s Dentsu.

Cool ads for pulp fiction books

4 03 2010

This ads seem to have captured the spirit of pulp fiction novels really well. Simple but it gives the right vibe about it.  I liked it a lot. It’s from Canadian agency Cundari.