This is The Man… by French Connection

12 02 2010

I don’t know what people are thinking or will think of this new commercials for French Connection (I haven’t seen on TV yet only on the internet) but I really, really like them. They all introduce The Man, the French Connection’s alter ego. This Man is not your average cool, model looking guy that you find on all of the other ads for men’s clothes. He is a real Man. They are approaching this character with a lot of humor but playing it very straight, using all the classic French man stereotypes.

I really love it, specially because both the client and the agency have the balls to try something against the grain like this, I’m sure people won’t like it at first or will think it’s weird. This is the kind of idea you have to absorb with time and watch the other ads to get the coolness of it. I also really like this approach since most ads have to be so immediate, the fact that this one doesn’t is perfect for this character and the whole idea behind it because it just makes him even cooler. The Man doesn’t want to please you, he will take his time. And the you will go to him. Clothing stores have this luxury of time since most big names are already established. I really hope this one is successful. I don’t know who did it but once I do I’ll post it here.

And I have to say that the copywritting on this is great, on all of them. There are some amazing lines. Equally good are the actor, the hilarious voice over,  and the way the commercial was shot and edited. Everything works to enhance the idea. If I work on projects like this ever I will be the happiest Man in advertising.




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17 02 2010

I totally agree with you!

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