Ads for Ads of the World

7 02 2010

This are ads made for Ads of the World, I’m not sure how necessary this is since most of the people who are in the business and like to check ads out on the net probably know about Ads of the World already. And I’m not sure how much the rest of the world really wants to check all of this ads out if they are not working with in this business, but if that happens that’s super cool though.

Anyway, I like what they came up with but since this is an advertising site it would have been even cooler if they come up with stuff for different medias, particularly guerrilla stuff since that’s advertising at its most exciting and daring when it works, in my humble opinion. I know they were probably on a budget but those pictures seem to have a very good amount of production. I liked the concept and the execution but it’s nothing too out of the box. It just gets the job done and the execution makes it seem better than it is. Good stuff nonetheless. They were done by what I think is a Dutch ad agency named 1789.




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