About the Google Ad

25 02 2010

Yeah, I didn’t liked it. That’s right.

I thought it was cheesy, not an original idea at all, and for Google’s first ad it didn’t seem to match their greatness. It was classic advertising in a way, showing how that brand is in your life whenever you need it. Ok. And I know it has received praises on how simple it was constructed but when a brand is worth billions of dollars and they do an ad that requires less than a handful of people that is not necessarily genius, to me that just came across as lazy and cheap. Not that I was expecting a hollywood production but if the idea was more original and interesting than it would have seem more interesting the fact that they executed it so easily. Overall if I knew this ad was coming I would be expecting a whole lot more. Check it out for yourself if you haven’t already:


Great ads for Skoda

20 02 2010

I remember I saw lots of Skoda cars when I was visiting Prague and apparently they are still going strong after so many years on the making. The idea for this ads is cool and the visuals are really great. They come from Leagas Delaney from the Check Republic.

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

19 02 2010

This seems like it’s going to be a fun sequel to Wall Street. The dialogue seems very sharp and the fact that Michael Douglas is back and not doing a cameo but a full on performance makes me feel like this could be a great movie like the first one. Unfortunately Oliver Stone can miss as hard as he can get it right (like Alexander) so it’s not a sure thing. And even though I don’t like Shia LeBeouf he seems like the right choice for this part. I’ll be waiting for this movie. Greed is good!

What I think makes a movie “brilliant” or “genius”

19 02 2010

I see the words genius and brilliant be overused for movies. Every year there seems to be a handful of movies that get those tags and I feel that it really only happens every decade or so. Once or twice. I mean there’s always a lot of great movies every year but being great is definitely not the same as being genius, at all. So here’s what I think makes a movie honestly earn those two qualities:

1 . The movie needs to be pleasurable and dense enough to make you want to revisit it and then find new things about it that you hadn’t noticed at first, but without ever making you feel overwhelmed. You must watch it at first and know that there’s enough there for more viewing but you still get pleasure out of watching it and never feel buried by a crazy amount of information.

2. It needs to have some kind of impact on pop culture. It could be the characters, lines or scenes but it needs to make an entrance into pop culture and become a point of reference. Like the “Here’s Johnny” from The Shinning, even though it existed before it was taken to different heights. Other examples would be the characters in Pulp Fiction or the rules and style of Fight Club.

3. The movie needs great direction and acting. And by that I also mean great lightning, editing, some kind of conceptual approach to different key scenes and so on.

The third one s the easiest one, you can always hire a great director and actors that know what they are doing and are passionate about it. It doesn’t need to be genius by itself, just really well done. The sum of it’s total will make it great. Now to make something that is dense enough and equally pleasurable to watch, and just as important, to make you want to revisit it, is a really difficult task. Even harder is to make it part of pop culture, something that becomes a constant reference even outside its natural environment and slips into others areas. That’s tough and that’s not done by a handful of movies every year.

Cool and simple idea for traveling magazine

16 02 2010

Another simple but effective idea. Using stamps to make shapes of famous international symbols, this might be the kind of idea that you have to show something ready first to your creative director or else it may sound too dull. But if done well could be pretty cool like this. Done by Longplay in Brazil.

ScanDisk ads

14 02 2010

I liked this ads done for ScanDisk, the idea is good and you get it fast. Even though the art direction is not bad and kind of logical I feel like it ends up making the ads forgettable for some reason. Maybe a different approach would make it a little cooler. And I know the idea is pretty straight but I think a line would have helped make it stronger. It’s from BBDO in Canada.

The Boss and Billy Joel – New York State Of Mind

13 02 2010

This is Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band with Billy Joel singing Joel’s classic hymn to NY. The song is great and this performance is just awesome. It’s from the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame concert from last December and it’s on DVD already. I’ll get it for sure cause the performances and the other set of songs from all artists are great based on what I’ve seen so far. I’ll soon be in NY so I’m getting pumped with this song. Enjoy!