29 01 2010

This campaign came out about a week ago and I still don’t know if I like it or not. It’s cool in a way because it’s daring and unafraid to be different (in fact if it’s successful it’s because of that) but at the same time the concept just doesn’t seem to be that strong, HOWEVER that itself might be why the campaign is good. Weird. Just like this multi ad campaign is. I have never seen so many ads for just one campaign to come out all together like this. Anyway it’s interesting if anything. I’m posting a few ads and the video explaining the concept. If you feel like checking out the whole fucking thing then take a deep breath and press right here.


Wrangler: We Are Animals 2010

29 01 2010

Last year Wrangler’s campaign We Are Animals won a Cannes Lions award for the whole thing and even though it was a pretty bizarre looking campaign with a set of the most bizarre pictures it was still very provocative without being offensive and it probably brought the brand some positive feedback. For this year we find out that Wrangler is wisely keeping the same concept but just going by the name RED, and that color is displayed throughout every picture. It’s impossible not to think of the RED brand but apparently they are not tied together. The color red makes sense since the campaign is visceral and red is the olor of our blood, but it’s still weird necause of how successful the RED brand and campaign has been.

Back to the main concept I personally love this kind of daring approaches cause if it works it can be great but if it doesn’t it can be a disaster so it must be really scary to put it out there. If you want check out all the other pieces plus last year’s campaign click here.


24 01 2010

Because of both the holidays and all the work that I’m having from school (plus all the Quarter Away talk) I haven’t had time or energy to update the blog, and I know all my millions of fans spread out through the country (oh, let’s be honest, throughout the entire world) miss it desperately and  I apologize for that. But I will be updating it now with more advertising, movie reviews, music, personal anecdotes you don’t really care about  AND new links for the very few, I mean millions, that care.

I also have another blog coming where I will post all of my fake stuff. Fake stuff? That’s right, fake stuff. What stuff is that? Well it’s a bunch of stuff that I do for no greater reason but to please myself and get better at what I do. It’s coming soon, you will see. Thank you and stay tuned!