Ads for Lebanese newspaper

19 12 2009

I’ve seen about 4 or 5 campaigns this year using Ahmadinejad and a few others using Hillary and Sarkozy as well. By now if you are going to use them I guess you gotta have a really cool idea to make it stand out from all the others. At the same time if you’re not an advertiser you probably won’t be checking ad sites so you won’t know they have been used as much, unless all of those campaigns were worldwide and some of them were. Anyway the photoshop is very good, they don’t look extremely real but the way they are seated on the table so at ease and relaxed, as we usually don’t see them, makes this ad more interesting and effective I think. It’s interesting that they used Hillary instead of Obama, I guess they needed a woman… or maybe Obama is just not that interesting anymore. This comes from Lebanon’s BBDO.




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