A Merry Christmas to you all!

25 12 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer

20 12 2009

This seems to be even better than the first one. Same humour and rock vibe and an even better villain. Not to mention the first shot of Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. The man has signed a deal to play Fury in 4 different upcoming movies. Heavy use of AC/DC and good old Black Sabbath’s Iron Man there. Jon Favreau might be one of the coolest directors of the 2000s.

Pepsi wishes you a Merry Christmas

19 12 2009

I like this christmas ad from Pepsi, I think the idea of making the logo into the hat without changing it and just adding the white ball at the end works very well. However thetagline is weird and kind of ruins it all. It almost feels like a fake tagline they had there just as a mark for when the real one is created. I think a simple “Pepsi wishes you a merry christmas” would have made the idea of Santa’s hat stand out more. Cool concept nonetheless.

Funny ads for dry cleaning place

19 12 2009

Great idea for Clean Pretty, professional dry cleaners. It’s clever and very well executed. Just maybe the tagline could be a little bigger than it is there so people don’t associate the old and dirty clothes with the brand since people, in my opinion, don’t really read the copy much anymore specially when it’s so small. The logo can be identified at first glance wiithout any reading. It’s from Germany’s Leo Burnett.

Ads for Lebanese newspaper

19 12 2009

I’ve seen about 4 or 5 campaigns this year using Ahmadinejad and a few others using Hillary and Sarkozy as well. By now if you are going to use them I guess you gotta have a really cool idea to make it stand out from all the others. At the same time if you’re not an advertiser you probably won’t be checking ad sites so you won’t know they have been used as much, unless all of those campaigns were worldwide and some of them were. Anyway the photoshop is very good, they don’t look extremely real but the way they are seated on the table so at ease and relaxed, as we usually don’t see them, makes this ad more interesting and effective I think. It’s interesting that they used Hillary instead of Obama, I guess they needed a woman… or maybe Obama is just not that interesting anymore. This comes from Lebanon’s BBDO.

Nice ads for Le Monde

19 12 2009

It’s the old idea that the magazine capptures all kinds of different points of views and approaches that exists in the world but it’s well executed with good sense of humor and it has good copy. I like the tagline. It’s from France’s Publicis.

MTV ad for Michael Jackson

19 12 2009

This one is so simple and obvious you feel like it’s been done before but I don’t think it has. Very clever and original idea. I think the art direction could be a little different, it could look better without losing its simplicity. I don’t like the font and the frame aroudn it, that’s what I would change. Still the idea is awesome and it fits MTV’s usual playful image.