Kubrick’s Top 10 movies

7 11 2009

There was no one else like him. Here’s my list of the ten best Kubrick movies.

01.  2001 – A Space Odyssey – The quintessential Kubrick movie. There’s no other movie like this one and I doubt there ever will be. A big budget to a very non-commercial storyline and approach. This is a masterpiece in sci-fi, thriller and artistic filmmaking. Gripping, philosophical and entertaining all at once and in a very non-traditional way.

02.  The Shining – For Kubrick this movie was as much of a comedy as it is was a horror movie, he was clearly spoofing on horror movies clichés and the twist to that is that it’s so well done you can’t help but being engaged into it as an actual horror movie. Nicholson’s top 3 best performances.

03.  Clockwork Orange – A lot of people would have this one as number one. Only the 70’s and Kubrick could produce a movie so raw, unsettling, mischievous and provocative as this one. You are made to feel as you are being put through the same experiments as Alex because of the movie’s nature. Just brilliant.

04.  Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb – Before The Shinning and Clockwork Orange Kubrick experimented with humor in a more sarcastic way. This is a comedy performed as a serious war drama. The Peter Sellers’ characters and his performances are all perfect.

05.  Full Metal Jacket – This is one of the many anti-Vietnam war movies but it stands out because of Kubrick’s eye. We are taken into the mind of trained assassins who happen to be regular human beings fighting people who they don’t realize are the same as them.

06.  Paths of Glory – His first war movie. Kubrick was photographer before becoming a movie director and his eye for cinematography is as brilliant as it could ever be on this one. A very touching movie and a very strong performance by Kirk Douglas.

07.  Barry Lyndon – Kubrick follows a cold and almost empty character on his journey through beautiful landscapes, the movie is narrated and it all seemed to be detached from reality with no warmth. His peculiar sense of humor is displayed all the way through the movie.

08.  Spartacus – The classic big budget movie. Kubrick was limited by producers and commercialism but his sense of story telling prevailed still through Kirk Douglas’ performance and what are now many classic scenes.

09.  Lolita – A controversial story that Kubrick found a way to materialize by telling in an almost extra sweet and kind way. Subtle, elegant and funny all at the same time.

10.  Eyes Wide Shut – Not the closing chapter a director like Kubrick deserves but not a bad movie nonetheless. Lots of Kubrick’s classic style in this movie, many times reminiscent of The Shinning. That makes me think he was really passionate about the story and makes particular parts of the movie way more exciting.




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