Movie Poster for Se7en

3 11 2009

These are different versions of a poster I did for the movie Se7en for my Visual Impact class. The idea is the same in all of them, the changes are on the side of the box with the names and the pictures of the actors as well as the background color. The idea for this poster is one that I think only the people who watched the movie would be able to appreciate, which might be the poster’s flaw. Overall I like it a lot. I did it in black as well because the movie is quite dark itself so I thought it would reflect the actual movie a little more. My favorite one however is the ones with white background. The only critique I got is that the overall vibe of the poster is that it’s too clean, but I like it that way. It makes it more striking in my opinion. This Visual Impact class is one that I’m enjoying quite a bit.




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