Cool marketing / design idea

30 11 2009

Making shop bags seem a little more interactive is not so original anymore but there are still good ideas out there. I liked this one as simple as it is. It’s by TBWA from Philippines.


Beautiful art direction

26 11 2009

The idea is really simple, making the paint look like flowers since they say their brand ┬áhave a responsible care for environmental safety. It looks really beautiful and apparently the campaign won Cannes Gold Lions. It’s a cool achievement cause it’s not easy to get something that seems so simple to stand out and really reach what it feels like it’s possible for it to reach visually, if that makes any sense. This is another great campaign coming from Asia, this time from the Philippines, by TBWA.

Cool Beach Park ad

26 11 2009

There’s no genius idea on this one if there’s much of an idea there anyway but it’s made really appealing. The photography and the art direction are both awesome but it’s the copy that really makes it for me, even though this is a a translation from portuguese the idea still stands out. It makes you want to be there. I haven’t seen much great copy lately, even on ads with good ideas it’s been hard to find them. This is from the Brazilian agency Verve.

Awesome non-traditional media

26 11 2009

I thought this was a great idea, they have the cables passing through the guy’s nose as if it was his nose hair. The tone of the characters matches the humor of the idea. It’s for Panasonic from Indonesia’s Saatchi & Saatchi. I’ve been seeing so many cool stuff come from Asia lately, really interesting stuff. Both the idea as well as the art direction are pretty cool.

My poster for Coke

18 11 2009

I did this in my Heroes class, one of our assignments was a Coke campaign. The countries are named after their best soccer players. The teacher for this assignment thought that I should try and do a version with the names in every country and on a few key cities on the bigger countries making the names really small. I might do it further ahead. I liked how this one came out though.

Travel Guide ads using stereotypes

18 11 2009

One thing is for sure the agency in Berlin that did this has balls, as well as the author of these travel guides. But that doesn’t mean that the idea is any good. I didn’t liked it and I’m not entirely sure if I even got it. They line is “Good, If you don’t have to ask anyone” and then they used three different stereotypes from different countries. Shouldn’t the line say “Good, because you don’t have to ask anyone”? I don’t know… It’s funny but overall I would say that it leaves a negative vibe attached to the product. It’s from Schoolz & Friends, from Berlin. The weird thing is that Germany is one of the country that will always be fighting against a certain german stereotype from WWII, yet they used it from other countries… maybe I’m missing something…

Nice campaign on war refugees

18 11 2009

I thought this was an interesting idea, putting refugees at their native country, inserted in their reality (which is very much separated from ours), but having them at every day situations that they probably don’t face. The art direction is really good too. It’s from Y&R in Buenos Aires.