Chevy Volt Campaign

27 10 2009

For one of my Teacher In Residence classes, where the week’s guest speaker is your teacher for a couple of days, we had to do a campaign for the next Chevy Volt, which will be the first car in the world to run 40 miles without using gas. After 40 miles you just have to plug it into an outlet and after 8 hours it’s fully recharged. Therefore if you usually don’t really drive more than 40 miles per day whit this car there is a possibility that you never have to actually use gas. So for the campaign we played on the historic aspect this will probably have. The tagline is The Next Step.

We’ve made some stuff like a Chevy Volt monument that would be in parks around the world as a symbol to this historic achievement, an exaggerated way to show how important this car really is. We’d also have a CV X Box game which I will spare you from the description but it’s an interactive way to keep in touch with current and future costumers. The print campaign is pretty self explanatory and simple, and I think it works well. The billboards are pretty cool as well and they were made by my partner is this assignment, Natalia. We were pretty happy with the final result. Enjoy The Next Step campaign.




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