Rio de Janeiro, 2016

5 10 2009

So the Olympics in 2016 are going to be in Rio and that’s beyond amazing. Huge events like this mean a lot to a city at an emerging country, it goes way beyond than sports. And since Rio is one of the biggest postcards there is in the world for such a long time now this is the perfect city to have all of this attention on it, because now a lot of problems will have to be dealt with. Having the Olympics there means that now there’s a huge amount of development that will have to be made in order to both accommodate the athletes and the huge amount of visitors as well as to show to the world that it’s possible to move forward.

This will definitely be a test of potential. And if all of this improvements are not kept it would be an embarrassment that neither the city of Rio or Brazil would want to bare. And they would have to bare it, it wouldn’t just simply go way for the fact that Brazil has been an emerging society for far too long and if this “boost” doesn’t make any difference the word emerging could slowly but surly start to fade.

Along with the beautiful sights, the wonderful people (Rio was voted as the friendliest city in the world many times) as well as the great vibe that the city has it also owns a huge amount of poverty and violence at certain parts of the town, that don’t really affect visitors from outside, but that ends up diminishing the potential of the city and not to mention that people are dying every day on what could be called of a a long lasting civil war. Violence is a huge problem and now more than ever something will have to be done. I think if there really was a solution it would have emerged by now so I wonder how this will be dealt with and what will be done.

The favelas can’t be taken out of there, as a  matter of fact they became part of the sight in a positive way, as there is a whole particular culture and big amount of good and hard working people there that are probably very pleased and proud about their location. Even though that’s not exactly the best environment to live. Ending the war on drugs and the culture of violence that exists there is what would make a difference. I think money will have a big part of it, the government will have to relocate more money than usual for Rio to deal with this particular problem. But right now it’s only possible to wonder hat will happen. In seven years we’ll know.

Here’s the video with the presentation of what the city intends to deliver for the Olympics:




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