Awesome Amnesty International Campaign

29 10 2009

I don’t really see Amnesty International do campaigns where they are the focus of the campaign like this one. The idea is pretty simple and as they usually do it’s very visual too. For some weird reason, and I don’t know if this was part of their intention, but the fact that they are holding water guns made those images even more intense (cause you know that’s not what they really have) and makes you realize the danger and horror some people are going through just by taking the real gun out of there. I think because of the old but true argument that we see so many guns on the tv, movies and news we are no longer impacted by it, so placing a water gun there made it all more real in a very bizarre way. Strong campaign.


DDB Berlin playing with a classic Mini ad

29 10 2009

DDB Berlin used the classic ad done fore Volkswagen’s Mini in 1959 and gave it a funny little change adapting it for their volkswagen-classic-parts site, which I think provides owners of old volkswagen models with with spare parts for their cars. Playing with great and classic stuff can be dangerous but the idea is good enough. I’m posting the old ad and the new one.

Simple and cool

28 10 2009

This is so simple you almost feel like it’s bad. Bt I liked it. It’s from NYC’s BBDO for FedEx. It’s under Transport and Tourism at AOTW though…. I don’t understand the tourism part.

Chevy Volt Campaign

27 10 2009

For one of my Teacher In Residence classes, where the week’s guest speaker is your teacher for a couple of days, we had to do a campaign for the next Chevy Volt, which will be the first car in the world to run 40 miles without using gas. After 40 miles you just have to plug it into an outlet and after 8 hours it’s fully recharged. Therefore if you usually don’t really drive more than 40 miles per day whit this car there is a possibility that you never have to actually use gas. So for the campaign we played on the historic aspect this will probably have. The tagline is The Next Step.

We’ve made some stuff like a Chevy Volt monument that would be in parks around the world as a symbol to this historic achievement, an exaggerated way to show how important this car really is. We’d also have a CV X Box game which I will spare you from┬áthe description but it’s an interactive way to keep in touch with current and future costumers. The print campaign is pretty self explanatory and simple, and I think it works well. The billboards are pretty cool as well and they were made by my partner is this assignment, Natalia. We were pretty happy with the final result. Enjoy The Next Step campaign.

Sister Rosetta (The Noisettes)

25 10 2009

The Noisettes rock. I learned about them a few weeks ago while reading an interview with U2’s The Edge, he said he was listening to them so I checked it out. They got a shitload of good songs and only two albums. Their songs have a cool retro style (just when you thought it was out they pull it back in) with some punk and very electric vibe, which ends up making it sound very modern. Check them out.

Funny ads for Gold’s Gym

25 10 2009

They’re pretty self explanatory, which is perfect. I like how it looks but I would change the faces for something cuter instead of looking like little possessed demons. The tagline is “It’s about time”. This is from Costa Rica’s Jotabequ.

Cool guerrilla promoting Ice Skating rink in Brazil

25 10 2009

There’s no snow in Brazil and there’s no really low temperatures in the majority of the country. Winter is not that cold in most places there. Therefore ice skating rinks are not very popular in Brazil. So to promote something like that they would need more than usual advertising. I liked this guerrilla solution they found.