Empire State Of Mind (at the MTV Video Awards)

16 09 2009

Lil’ Mama’s weird presence at the end was not strong enough to fuck this performance up. Pretty cool stuff showing up on the screen and great entrance by Jay Z. I don’t know if he’s the next Sinatra but he sure kicks ass there. The MTV Video Awards this year had some great and some weird moments, I guess this one falls on both categories.

{It seems like they took the video out of youtube. If I ever find it again I’ll post it.}


Stephen Doitschinoff

16 09 2009

Despite the name Stephen Doitschinoff is a Brazilian artist that is making a lot of success here in the US, a lot more than he is in Brazil, which is nothing new unfortunately. He tries to portrait the African-Brazilian culture using lots of religious symbols from the different religions in Brazil, in a very emblematic and creative way. His art seems to be a little more surrealist by mixing all kinds of religious information we have stored in our subconscious. I found about him some time ago on the TV and every now and then I see some news and people looking for him. It’s cool to see that he is growing. He prefers to be called Cura (which means healing in English). Definitely very striking pieces of art.

Here’s his website in case you’re interested: stephandoit.com.br/

The Man Who Stares At Goats Trailer

13 09 2009

This movie must be hillarious. It opened on September 6 but I haven’t seen anything about it yet, I hope they show it here in Miami. Apparently the movie is based on a very cool book that I might have to check out. The cast is made by some of my favorite actors, the director is unknown to me though. I love weird movies like this, there seem to be more of these coming out lately and I hope it doesn’t stop. The soundtrack also seems to be preety cool. Enjoy the trailer:

Great wine ads from Uruguay

7 09 2009

Truth to be said, it’s not always that I see advertising from Uruguay on the ad sites so I was surprised when I found those now on AdsOfTheWorld. They look really good, while the idea is nothing too out of the ordinary the execution makes this a great campaign I think. Hard not to pay attention and at the same time you do associate it with the wine, you don’t just check out the visuals and forget about the product. On the bottom of the ads they say which element from the bottle or wine they used to make each ad. Very well done. This campaign comes from Grey in Montevideo, Uruguay. Always cool to see great South American work being displayed.

WWF ad controversy

6 09 2009

Lots of controversy about this ad. While the tsunami was a nature accident 9/11 was the act of coward terrorists and so using that might be a little insensitive. With that said the message on the ad is still very true and the idea is really striking. Agencies and creatives have always used current or huge historic events to sell a product or an organization so this shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. It’s amazing how it’s been almost a decade since 9/11 happened and it’s still very alive on people’s minds. It seems like the people who came up with this have been kicked out of DDB Brazil, where the ad was created, not only that but WWF said it’s not a “real” ad after all of the controversy. Hmmmm…

Awesome guerrilla idea

5 09 2009

This is from DDBO Israel, they placed towels on the beach with the image of coal burning to raise awareness on skin cancer. WIth this guerrilla campaigns it seems it’s either a hit or miss and this one is a hit for sure. It’s a great idea, it would be cool to see it expanded but maybe it’s even more effective with just the towels spread around the beach. Click on the picture to learn more.

Holocaust Memorial pictures

1 09 2009

I had some depth of field pictures to take for my Photo class so I went to the Holocaust Memorial here in South Beach, not the most cheerful place on earth to be but a great one to get pictures. You’ll get a nice picture anywhere you point your camera. It’s really one of the most interesting places to visit here in SoBe. The music with the kids singing is not necessary though, it sacred the crap out of me both the times I went there. Here’s some of the pictures I took: