5 08 2009

I’ve been doing homework since I was a child. I’m 24 years old. I’m sure that’s almost 20 years of homework. I don’t think I can’t stand it anymore. Enough is enough. I don’t have the discipline and the focus to do it. My brilliance cannot be controlled or scheduled. I very much wish I could manage it a little better. What I need is work. I’ve gone as far as I could with schools and colleges. I need the real deal by now. I can’t study and do homework anymore. I know I will have a lot of other stuff to do when working and probably some of it I will take home, just like homework but still I think it’s different. Homework comes with a lunchbox, in my head. I’ve lost my Power Rangers lunchbox far too long ago. Not that I’m such a grownup but I’m done with homework. It’s boring and not stimulating in any level. Now I need to go and do good homework so that someone hires me. Wonderful.




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