Funny People

4 08 2009

This movie is as cheesy and as funny as I expected based on the trailer. Unfortunately many of the best jokes are on the trailer and spots made for it, so you walk in kind of knowing a lot of it already. This is an evil many movies have been suffering for ages now and no one seems to want to stop it. You probably know the story already. Adam Sandler has got to be one of the worst actors in the world (at least in this movie), when he tries to be dramatic and serious is like a skit of him in SNL trying to be dramatic and serious. You get the feeling he didn’t spend 10 minutes of his time preparing for those scenes (he was great on Spanglish though).

Seth Rogen is funnier and more interesting to watch and you feel like you know that character from your own life. The “supporting” team steals the show and you kinda get the feeling that this movie was made for them anyway. Scwartzman and Hill in particular are hilarious in a few moments. There’s a lot of stand up on the movie and a lot of it is surprisingly bad. Since the movie is about stand up you would think that part would be great but it isn’t, most of it is really generic and old.

Anyway, Funny People is not as funny as you would like it to be with that cast and story behind it but it’s not a bad movie. It’s a Judd Aptow movie and if you watched one you watched all of them (and if you watched The 40 Year Old Virgin you watched the best of them). It’s good fun and that’s all.




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