The Beard Effect

31 08 2009

Something very weird and slightly unpleasant happens when I cut my beard, I have noticed it before every time I shaved it. I get a very weird reaction every time I cut it off. Some people that I know for a good amount of time now just pass by me and almost pretend they don’t know me. As if I had become a completely different person all of the sudden because I shaved. Maybe I’m being paranoid but I don’t think so (not this time). I must change a lot, like a completely different person I guess. And I guess I don’t realize that much anymore myself. Just weird. Go figure.


One Day (Matisyahu)

30 08 2009

I’m not necessarily a big Matisyahu fan but this song is pretty good. It’s the first single off his new album. Kind of a weird mix but good nonetheless. It’s what the 2000s are all about, mixing it up.

The Ultimate Slayer Fan

30 08 2009

There’s nothing to be explained. This Slayer fan says it all… in his own way. Just hilarious. I love watching this video every now and then, it makes me happy. I think we all know people like that or maybe we were like that once, that’s all I’m saying. You know? You know… Enjoy this piece of brilliance.

Awesome Anti Tobacco Ads

29 08 2009

These ads are cool, nothing exactly original but great art direction. A lot of this kind of ads for causes or against drugs and stuff end up using the same ideas used before by some agency a few years ago so the only way to stand out is executing the idea slightly differently. I like how this one was done. It looks perfect, all of it seems to be computer generated. The agency is the Brazilian branch of BBH. Both Brazil and BBH are awesome.

Great concept and visuals

29 08 2009

These ads are for the world march for peace happening in Spain and I love the idea of turning something bad into good. Taking stuff that we associate with wars and everything that goes with it into something that helps people and that we see on everyday basis. Great concept, it’s simple and right on the money. There’s room for a whole lot more using other army stuff. And it looks great as well. It’s from JWT in Spain.

Cool looking ads

25 08 2009

Even though most of ads for print shops seem to have  a lot of similarities they always look good. This a good example of that. Classic references to paintings or ideas that are all part of pop culture already. Trying to relate that with the quality of the print. Old but good. Great execution, even though it looks better when you see it from far.

Big Fan Trailer

21 08 2009

Ok, this movie is certainly going to be interesting based on the trailer. It’s written and directed by the same guy who wrote The Wrestler and that’s an even better guarantee. It’s weird to see Patton Oswalt as the lead since he has played so many supporting roles but he seems to be able to carry the movie based on this. I like weird movies like this, they are very unpredictable and don’t seem to fit on a particular category. I’m waiting for it.