(I need a new movie from) Stanley Kubrick

27 07 2009

He is my favorite movie director of all time and I think he was an absolute genius and I do not use this word very often at all. Nobody pulled of style, concepts and stories and then blended all of that the way he did. Lots of directors’ styles are imitated. Scorsese, Tarantino, Coppola, Leone, Hitchcock. Nobody can imitate Kubrick, many say they were influenced by him but none of them can even rip him off too well because his style was so uniquely his. Not even Spielberg could when he shot AI (a movie Kubrick helped develop and was going to make it but passed it to Spielberg). Nobody remakes movies made by Stanley Kubrick because he was so amazing that there is nothing that could be improved, not even with today’s technologies and all that kind of bullshit. His movies are perfect. Who in their right mind would say that 2001 needs a remake? Who in the hell could replace Jack Nicholson on The Shinning? Who thinks they could add something extra to Dr. Strangelove? Who in the fuck thinks that Clockwork Orange needs a different twist? People with half a brain missing perhaps.

I remember the day he died, it was announced on tv and I couldn’t believe there wouldn’t be another SK movie anymore, not even a glimpse into his genius, there wasn’t even a proper in depth documentary made about him because he was so private. The closest to that is the behind the scenes documentary for The Shinning, made by his daughter, which is really amazing and revealing. I remember on the following day after his death a classmate of mine commented about the scene he saw on the tv when they were announcing his death, it was a scene of earth from space, from 1968’s 2001: A Space Odissey. He said: “It’s like it was made right now”. And that’s still true forty-one years after its release.

There isn’t one scene that represents his genius, there are many. Kirk Douglas walking through the trenches, on Paths Of Glory, while the camera follows in front of him, capturing the craziness of the moment and the coolness of the character. Astronaut Dave Bowman stuck inside his capsule outside his ship trying to convince Hal to let him in again on 2001. Jack Nicholson sticking his face through the broken door scaring the fuck out of Wendy and everyone else watching on The Shinning. Alex and his bunch of droogies beating the homeless guy to death or later raping a woman in her own house in front of her husband on Clockwork Orange. Spartacus yelling his name. Slim Pickens riding the atomic bomb on Dr. Strangelove and the Peter Sellers, as Strangelove himself, trying to stop his right arm from spontaneously saluting his dead Kaiser in front of the President of the USA (also played by Sellers). The lunatic Pvt. Pyle pointing his riffle to the scared shitless Pvt. Joker on the bathroom. Those are just a few from many conceived by Kubrick.

He left a whole lot to look back but a whole lot less than most directors do unfortunately. He used to take his time researching, writing and shooting his movies. Eyes Wide Shut took almost two years to be shot. A new Stanley Kubrick film has never been so needed like right now, ten years after his death. 2001 is my favorite movie and Stanley Kubrick is my favorite director ever and there will never be another one like him. Sad but true.

Here’s Spielberg on Kubrick:




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