10 07 2009

It’s hilarious, go watch it if you haven’t already. Bruno is an Austrian, over the top, fashionista who is determined to become the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler. I think that says enough. Movies like this don’t come out every year; it’s original, hilarious and creative in its objective. In many moments it’s clear that the objective is mainly to be over the top and exaggerated, but that’s comedy. The real responses from the real people who are in the movie is half of the fun, it makes the whole thing more unique and funnier. Bruno is determined to do everything in his power to be famous. Baron Cohen’s humor is not always exaggerated, there’s a lot of subtle jokes. One in particular involving John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Kevin Spacey.

I gotta admit though that I didn’t find Bruno to be as funny as Borat, even though it’s more graphic and it aims for shock even more this time around, Borat was just more interesting. But that’s probably because Borat was the first of its kind and nobody knew what to expect, everybody knows a little more about this one and how it would be played in that same style. The Borat character was funnier perhaps because he was easy to like despite his outrageous views. People usually expect gay characters in comedies to be exaggerated and Bruno is certainly exaggerated.

Sacha Baron Cohen is fucking hilarious anyway and I wonder what he will pull off next now that the three characters that he developed earlier in his career are so internationally known. My suggestion: a catholic black reverend from the south of the United States preaching all the stuff the church preaches but in a more extreme way. Hallelujah!




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