Overload of information on outdoor

30 06 2009

I think the art direction on this outdoors is great and the idea behind the campaign is nice. Those outdoors actually stand out from the rest and I think it’s because of the amount of general information that is on them. However I was always told that you shouldn’t put too much visual information on outdoors since people have to focus on the message in a very small time as they are passing by in their cars. So while those outdoors stand out from all the others because of their visuals they are kind of going against our own capacity of retaining all of that information is short seconds. I don’t know how effective it is, if that is working for or against them. But it sure looks nice.

Looking at the site for this company it doesn’t seem like they have too much money and checking those pictures closely you can see that the ad was photoshopped to that billboard. Which means this is probably not an actual billboard, yet the agency posted it on adsofthewrold anyway. Kinda lame. It doesn’t help the client so much I don’t think, since someone can easily feel from the nature of the client and of this action that they are selling a a scam, as someone is calling it on adsotheworld already. The  agency from this ad, Hootonany, is from Boulder, Colorado, by the way. I wonder what another agency working on that city thinks of posting fake ads…

Still, it’s good art direction to dissect.




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