The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon

25 06 2009

In Brazil we didn’t have Jay Leno neither do we have Conan O’Brien, we have Late Night with David Letterman and I used to watch it almost every night. Letterman is great and perhaps the best at this right now, however every time I would come to the USA I would watch Conan because all I had was Letterman and Conan’s sense of humor is one that I like a lot.

One of the things that I’ve been enjoying the most while living here is watching this late show variety that there is. Conan is my favorite and I think he’s doing a great job replacing Jay Leno. In the first two weeks actually I thought he wasn’t as funny as he was on The Late Show, probably because of all the pressure but I think now he’s slowly getting into his old self again. There’s less of the string dance but he’s still hilarious. I think Andy back with Conan is cool and I love Max. I can’t wait for more updates from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Now for The Late Show, I gotta admit I absolutely hated Jimmy Fallon on SNL, he used to disrupt all of the sketches he was in with his fake laughter and forgetting his lines. When someone breaks out and laughs that’s usually funny and cool because it’s live and you are not expecting it but with him it always seemed like he was faking it to make it all funnier and it just ruined the sketches for me. It was a lot funnier when Will Ferrel for example would crack up cause you could see him actually trying not to.

With that in mind I thought I would hate Jimmy Fallon as a late night host but amazingly enough that’s not what happened. The dude is actually pulling it off and doing some really good late night shows. Every now and then his 14 year old giggly girl personality comes back but that’s ok. He still uses the fake laughter a lot but not as much as before and they come up with some funny sketches. That seems to be his forte actually. Having The Roots as his band helps a lot too. I’m enjoying him more than Craig Ferguson.

By the way you can watch in their entirety both The Tonight Show and The Late Show on hulu. Yes, me likes my late shows a lot.




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