The Taking of Pelham 123

24 06 2009

The Taking Of Pelham 123 is done completely by the numbers. It’s not a bad movie but you can kind of see everything coming. Tony Scott is a very good director, he started out as an advertising commercial director and he doesn’t let you forget about it. He directs this movie like a 20 something year old MTV music video director. Trying to create suspense and urgency with the hand held camera and a fast pacing, but really only creates the pace everybody is already expecting based on the lines the character’s drop. Luckily he doesn’t go crazy with it like Michael bay can.

Denzel Washington kicks ass as usual but he takes his character as far as the movie allows him to. He is the down to earth, humble, blue-collar worker and that’s that. They try to create some doubts about his character with an old bribe story but the movie itself shoots that down before it even starts to trick anyone’s mind about him. John Travolta looks right for the role, and makes him aggressive and emotionally instable but at the same time we know his fate.

The movie has enjoyable moments and achieves in trying to come up with some tension and urgency at some moments but is not able to hold it up for too long. Is that the director or the screenwriter’s fault? This is the fourth movie Denzel and Tony Scott do together and there’s a fourth coming, one of the three was pretty good (Crimson Tide) and the rest were in the same league of blandness, I hope the next is more interesting and less obvious.




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