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26 09 2011


6 02 2011


6 02 2011

Busy Times

24 11 2010

This portfolio quarter has kept me pretty busy with an overload of work; which is good. I will soon post some of the stuff  I’ve done this quarter at Miami Ad School in Brooklyn. I will post my resume as well, cause I have been working on it too and I’m proud of it. More posts to come to my insanely huge fan base that reads this blog daily. I know you’re out there. No need to post comments! New projects are on the way as well, I might talk about that. Meanwhile here’s my portfolio if you’d like to check it out (wink wink):

Fun art direction for Colombian Cafe

16 10 2010

I thought the art direction and the idea for these three print ads were pretty nice. They have a fun and loose vibe to them. They come from BBDO Colombia.

Cool copy for Woodland Park Zoo

16 10 2010

The art direction here is not bad but it’s not all that exciting either, but I though their tagline was pretty strong. These ads were done by american agency Wongdoody.

Awesome McDonald’s one off print

16 10 2010

Pretty smart and simple idea and it looks really good. It’s one of those ideas you could execute easily as a student as well. This is not student work though, it’s another one from DDB Hungary.